About Us

Welcome to Banlvs!

Banlvs——Smart living with a focus on health

our philosophy

Banlvs was established in 2019. As a young team, since the beginning of the brand's establishment, we have taken "smart life, focus on health" as the brand concept. We are an online store selling high quality smart watches worldwide. We are committed to providing our customers with a wide range of the latest fitness trackers and smart watches, as well as bluetooth earphones, etc.

our products

You need to stay connected in a busy world, track your fitness progress and keep an eye on loved ones. Our solutions allow you to do it all while keeping your life and health under control. The heart rate monitor built for your life. Our smart watches contain popular functions. Heart Rate Monitor, GPS Heart Rate Monitor, Finger Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor, Fitness Heart Rate Monitor and more! As you work towards your daily exercise goals, we'll document every evidence of your efforts so every drop counts. Additional features like the camera and music remote make it the ideal tool for any creative or fitness enthusiast looking to capture the perfect moment or choose the ultimate song for their daily run. Our notifications, weather app and sedentary reminders can also help any user achieve their goals while making their day easier. Each tech watch we offer has its own unique feature set, allowing users to discover something new every day. We offer a wide range of different straps to match your outfit and personality with our watches and you will be amazed at all the potential that can be unlocked on your wrist. .

our community

The Banlvs collection of wearables is suitable for every aspect of life, whether you are at work, working out, busy at home or sleeping in bed. Each product is designed not just for those who want more organization and information in their lives at their fingertips, but for anyone who has a busy day and needs a built-in assistant.
If you're a busy professional who has a hard time finding time to exercise, you can use our bluetooth smartwatch to delegate tasks at the gym. Of course, parents will also love our smartwatches. Whether you are a mother-to-be or a parenting veteran, we can provide you with high-quality products, excellent quality and service

our vision

We are changing the way individuals connect to the internet and each other through smart wearable technology and data-driven innovation. Our mission is to make the world more connected. What we hope to provide you is not just a smart watch, but the best assistant for your health and sports. It will help you understand your body better and provide you with a smart life. We'll build reliable devices that help people around the world lead happier, healthier, and smarter lives.
BANLVS aims to bring you a smarter and more convenient life, which is a great Christmas and New Year gift.
—The BANLVS team wishes you happiness and health