Q)Which app do I need to download on my phone for my watch model?
A)The App application corresponds to the company's product model DafitCF80/C16/C20/P4/I22/Y22/AK03/CS3/HM09/P45/AK45/AK43/
Fitcloud ProNX3/I70/C21/G35/ I30/DK08/

Q)What languages does the watch currently support?
A)English, Arabic, Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian, Chinese, Chinese traditional

Q) Is It Waterproof?
A) Yes! It is waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. You can wash your hands and take a shower with it no problems. However, avoid sauna, hot water bath and ocean water as the water vapor, and salty water can damage the band.

Q) Is is compatible with my phone?
A) Our digital watch is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, iOS 9.0 or higher, Android 5.0 or higher smart phones

Q)How many alarms can the device set at most?
A) The device can set up to 5 groups of alarm clocks.

Q)What is the reason why the device still does not respond after charging for a period of time?
A)When the device has not been used for a long time, it will enter a low power state. Please use the mobile phone charging head to charge for about half an hour to activate. Note: It is best to use the mobile phone charging head to connect to charge when charging. The current on the computer is too small, and it may be difficult to charge when the battery is low.

Q)Why doesn't the device record sleep duration?
A)1)If your device does not record the sleep time, there may be the following reasons: 1) The battery of the device is exhausted in the middle of sleep; 2) The device is not worn, and it is left on the desktop all night; 3) After the mobile phone synchronizes data, unbind the device and restart Binding, after rebinding, wear it when going to bed the next day, and check whether there is a sleep record; 4) Restart the device, wear it again the next day, and check whether there is a sleep record.

Q)Why is the pedometer data on the bracelet inconsistent with that on the APP?
A)In order to ensure that the data is not lost, the data of the day on the APP is accumulated and added, and the data on the bracelet will be cleared as long as the bracelet is re-bound. If the bracelet is re-bound, it may cause the data on the APP to follow The bracelet data is different.

Q)How to perform a factory reset on the device?
A)1) Under the device page in the App, there is a factory reset, confirm to restore the factory settings, and you can restore the factory settings; 2) Set the factory reset in the device, find the settings - system - select the factory reset. (Note: The device will reset all data, if you need to use it again, please re-bind)

Q)Do I need to fill in the personal information in the app correctly?
A)Gender, age, height, weight information will affect heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen